Monday, March 25, 2013

Picture Collage Maker for my Mac!

I was invited to try out the new Picture Collage Maker for the Mac!  As you can see, I LOVE TAKING PICTURES and THIS was a really great app to work with them!  I'll tell you up front, if I dont't love a product, I won't post it...THIS, I loved!

I downloaded it without a problem.  Then...I WATCHED the INTRODUCTION video BEFORE I started playing with the app.  This I'm sure helped.  There are so many choices and changes you can make!

With ease, I was able to choose a collage tempate, upload pictures, move them around, delete and add items, change colors and choose from a ton of fonts.

My first Picture Maker Collage!
This template actually started out as a baby template but I was able to change and move items making it have more of a ranch look!
I'm sure you'll see lots of these collages on my's an easy way to display alot of pictures all at once without having to create html codes for tables!  Fun and creative all at the same time!

Picture Maker Collage for Mac is available trough the App Store and can be easily downlaoded right to your Mac!  I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to display their photos in a collage.  The saved jpeg file can be uploade into emails, online scrapbooking, facebook, twitter, blogs...anywhere you'd like to post a photo!

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