13 Years ago, my husband and I made the decision that I would quick my dream job and become a stay at home mom.  We all know, it’s one of the toughest jobs out there.   At this stage in life, my daughter is becoming self sufficient as a high school student and while my son is still homeschooled this year (8th grade), he will be joining his sister in public high school next year. 

It’s that time in life where you wonder what you will do next. 

I had a wonderful career as an international flight attendant with the largest charter airline in the world.  I was able to visit places I didn’t even know existed.  After I had kids, I turned to the corporate life and went into the office as a Chicago Inflight Manager.  I had over 700 flight attendants under me and learned to deal with the day to day tasks of working behind a desk.

In 2004, I clipped my wings.

My husband is now the traveler in our marriage and is gone Monday though Thursday every week.  This works well for us but puts 100% of the parenting responsibilities on me.  My head spins every time I think about, “how in the world could I work and parent?”  I know there are single moms and dads out there who do it with grace.  For that, I applaud you!

In 2009, I started my blog, FunFloridaMom.  It was a way for me to communicate with my friends and family who know that I love to travel and still do so aften with  my husband and kids.  FunFloridaMom has evolved into a blog that people read from around the world! 

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For so many of us, working at home would be the perfect solutiuon for making a few extra dollars to help pay for groceries, flip the bill for riding lessons, heck, even get a manicure now and then without feeling guilty.

I’ve put together a list with links that will help you out with finding that perfect work from home position.   Just a tip, have your resume available to copy and paste, a list of 3 references ready so you don’t need to think about it when filling it in and a cover letter template that you can customize for each job that you’re applying for.

Good luck and I wish you all the best.  My biggest tip is don’t give up and always think outside the box. 


Great Ways to Legitimately Work From Home

Please keep in mind, not all of these companies are actively hiring.  I will send out separate emails and post when I become aware of openings!

Are you looking for part-time work, start here:


These are great opportunities if you're not fond of phone support.  You would be assisting customers through chat and email.


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Fun Florida Mom has been in existence since 2009.  It started as a hobby and over time, it's helped pay the bills. Join me while I fig...