Monday, March 4, 2013

Our KEY WEST vacation without the kids - PART TWO

KEY WEST - without KIDS!

The Reach was beautiful!  The service was great and overall we had a super time.  The weather wasn't perfect while we were there.  If it had been, we could have enjoyed the hotel and all it had to offer a little more.

There are so many awesome restaurants in Key West!  Enjoying dinner is a great way to spend an evening but if you need some excitement, we highly recommend, La Te Da - Key West!  Randy Roberts was amazing! I especially loved that they showed a video of him transforming into beautiful her!  WOW! Made me miss my flight attendant days and my "boy" friends!  

The Southernmost point in the US! This is probably the most touristy thing we did all weekend and it was fun!  Our MINI was the southernmost mini that day!

Key West is full of art!  Beautiful photos, paintings, decor...but one of the prettiest things I found was along the side of the road, in the water. Someone sculpted her and I found her.  At first, I thought she was a rock, I almost stepped on her face.  After realizing what it was, I didn't want to leave her!  Knowing that someone else might step on her or the tide would eventually come...unfortunately, this is something I don't think we'll ever see again!

So many sights!  Keep your eyes open!  Backn in the days before husbands and kids, I proudly worked at Boca Hooters.  I was so suprised to find this "Boca Scooters" bumper sticker!  It's the exact does that happen?

And then I found this...

PSA...please cover your butt crack in restaurants...otherwise, you might end up on my blog!

We had a blast!  Until next time....

~ Tiffanie (aka Fun Florida Mom)