Friday, June 8, 2012



Last weekend, I got to experience a wild river!  Literally!  I had been on parts of the Silver River but always taking the journey to the left and then down the Oklawaha.  After putting in on the west side of the Oklawaha bridge off of Hwy 40...we traveled down the canal then to the right.  We made our way all the way up  to the beautiful Silver Springs Park.  It was so fun floating right along side the glass bottom boats!  As always (and hopefully forever) the water was crystal clear. Parker had a blast finding the perfect fish.  Counting alligators, deer and wild turkeys were part of the fun too! The most amazing and unique part of this trip came after we turned off the motor and trolled down the river listening for sounds, MONKEY SOUNDS!  Finally, after a few minutes of listening carefully, we found them!  One after another emerged from the trees.  Jumping out onto the lily pads and drift wood in the river.  Mothers with babies, medium sized monkeys, you name it, they were there!  Finally seeing it with my own eyes!  I was amazed!  My kids were in awe and even my husband thought it was pretty cool!

One of the many turtles on the log...I love this picture because it shows the color of the water!

 One of 32 gators we counted along the river! avid fisherboy, wanted the bass really bad!

 Manning the "strolling" motor...

 A baby monkey in the lily pads...

 Mom with baby

 This one was neat...he just sat back and watched us!

 Swamp thing.

 There's a monkey in that tree!

The beautiful Oklawaha...almost doesn't look like Florida!

Please contact me if you'd like more information about my Silver River Adventure!