Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bulow Sugar Mill - Ormond, Beach, Florida

Bulow Sugar Mill - Ormond Beach, Florida

We visited the Bulow Sugar Mill while camping at Tomoka State Park. This was beautiful!  I can only imagine what it looked like before the Indians burned it down!

Bulow Sugar Mill

As you turn off the main road, you almost feel as though you've missed your turn.  The road is long and narrow, one laned, through a thick Floirda scrub.  Finally, reaching the entrance.  There's a $4 cash fee per car and maps are available.  Contining to follow the dirt path, around corners, through the forest, ahead of you stands the Bulow Sugar Mill.  Beautiful in its own right.  You're able to take a short walk around the mill, a hike into the woods to see the Spring House and enjoy the small museum.