Saturday, December 8, 2012

Back To Nature Wildlife Refuge

Parker and one of the sweet squirrels


My sons birthday was a little unique this year.

We had it at Back To Nature Wildlife Refuge in Bithlo, Fl.  Most people pass by this place, never knowing it's there but for those who stop in for a few minutes, you're always pleasantly suprised!
Learning about an
injured squirrel

BTN is home to a variety of animals.  Most are injured native wildlife but there's also a handful of animals that have been confiscated after being illegally purchased.  The white fox for example, that was a "pet" to a few college students.  Unbelievable!

BTN is literally, on the side of the road, blink and you might pass it!  Fortunately, they've been granted a larger piece of property and should be moving to the Lake Nona area soon.  If you're visiting East Orlando or passing through on Hwy. 50, be sure to stop in for a few minutes and visit!  It's FREE! They do ask for donations and after learning about all they do here, I'm sure you'll be happy to pitch in a few bucks!  


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